The windows you choose for your home will have a huge impact on it’s character. Aesthetics and budget will play a major role in narrowing down your options, but your home’s window arrangement should also be functional. They will need to deliver on security, ventilation, and the amount of natural light in your home, too.

Impact Windows

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes or criminal activity, like Florida, impact windows are essential. Their superior quality glass and reinforced framing is crucial in protecting your home from damage by natural disasters or intruders. There are lots to choose from, so we’ve created a guide to help you make your dream home.

You’ll find impact-resistant glass made from both tempered and laminated glass. Tempered glass is heat-treated so that when it cools, the surface and edges of the glass become compressed. This means that tempered glass is about 5-10 times stronger than normal glass. Its added strength makes tempered glass windows a great choice to protect your home from damage by hurricanes or intruders. On top of this, this type of glass is shatter-safe. This means that, when it does shatter, it breaks into small pebbles that have no sharp edges.

With tempered glass impact windows, flinging glass will never injure you, nor will you hurt yourself during clean up. Laminated glass is comprised of multiple panes of glass bonded together with a thin layer of film or vinyl in between. This membrane is designed not only to be shatter-proof, but also to catch broken glass. Broken glass will stick to the vinyl, which will hold the pieces together so the barrier is not penetrated. This will protect you from flying glass, and your home from being exposed to the elements in the wake of any storm.

Non-Impact Windows

If you live somewhere where hurricanes and intruders are a non-issue, save on costs with non-impact windows. These are made with normal glass and are not designed to withstand heavy impact. However, they still provide many in-demand features – from energy efficiency to heavy-duty construction.

Brands sold in Florida

ES Windows

Custom Windows


Eco Windows



Shutters for non-Impact Windows

Hurricane shutters provide a more affordable alternative to impact-resistant windows. Install shutters over any window to protect the glass underneath. They are incredibly stylish, adding character and charm to any home, and come in varying wind and impact ratings. Use them to add a pop of colour to your home, or add a finished look to your home with dark, elegant tones. Choose from our wide range of shutters, including motor-operated shutters which you can open and close with the flick of a switch.

Types of windows

Single Hung

Single-hung windows are perfect if you’re looking for a more traditional design for your home. They have a single sash that’s fixed in place, giving them a very classic look. You’ll also find these windows incredibly durable and easy to clean, thanks to their commercial-grade aluminum frames and stainless-steel fasteners.


To maximise sunlight in your home and create a modern, airy feel, the fixed and non-operational architectural impact window is a great choice. They can stand alone, but they also provide the perfect complement for casement windows, creating a cohesive look with matching sightlines.

Horizontal Roller

If your home is set among incredible views, choose horizontal roller windows. This modern fixture brings unobstructed horizontal views and increases ventilation wherever it is installed. With tracks built into both the top and bottom of the frame, they work like a sliding glass door, opening and closing horizontally.

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