Tree Removal

Trees are majestic giants that help to provide natural borders between properties and yards, and during summer and spring, brighten up the local environment with their vibrant colors and intricate structures of branches, limbs, and leaves. They also perform very useful jobs like removing the CO2 from our atmosphere and releasing oxygen and are natural shades that help to moderate the temperature on those, particularly warm days.

Trees are very important. That is something we are not going to dent. However, trees are only a benefit to our local environments when they are in good health and not encroaching too much. When a tree is in bad health, has been damaged by storms, or is spreading its roots or branches too close to your home, power lines, or similar, then it may be time to invest in tree removal services.
At Green Home Innovation, we offer both tree removal and stump removal services to help prevent damaged trees or trees that have grown too big from causing serious damage and injury.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a process that is normally required when a tree is either too big, damaged, or in an area where building or construction is going to take place. Although it looks easy in films and on YouTube videos, tree removal is only something that should be carried out by a fully qualified and skilled tree surgeon. At Green Home Innovation, we have tree surgeons on our team that will come out and remove any troublesome trees.

Trees are normally cut down carefully, with just a short stump left.

Stump Removal

After a tree has been felled, the stump is usually left remaining, unless you invest in a tree stump removal service too. Many tree stump removal teams will simply dig the stump out, but at Green Home Innovation we prefer to use stump grinding. We prefer this method as the small, mulch-like pieces that are left behind of the tree stump, can be used to fill in the hole that remains after the stump has been successfully taken out.

Rules and Regulations in Florida About Tree Removal

In Miami, Florida, there are some important rules and regulations about tree removal that it is important to familiarize yourself with before pressing on with investing in this service.
For one thing, the trimming, pruning, pruning, relocation, and removal of over 25% of trees in the area require special permits. Even when you are just trimming at the roots, you still need to seek out a permit.
Trees need to be trimmed and/or removed well in advance of the 1st of June, as that is when Hurricane season begins. Having any removals or trimming done before that time, gives your home the best chance of experiencing limited damage.
According to rules set in Miami-Dade County, trees that are a maximum of 20-feet tall can be planted close to overhead electricity and utility lines. However, trees that are 30 feet need to be planted at least 20 feet in all directions from utility lines.

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